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JournalReviewer is an independent site that aggregates information users provide about their experience with academic journals' review processes so that others can be as informed as possible as they consider journal submissions.
Our goal is to provide users with detailed information to help them choose the best journal for the specific details of their unique submission situation.


Academic journal publishers and related organizations provide a lot of information about their journals. Editors. Editorial boards. Impact factors. Submission guidelines. That information is very helpful.
If you're a researcher publishing in academic journals, though, it's very likely you've heard someone ask for, wonder about, or wish for other information about journals that isn't so easy to find. How many reviews will a manuscript get? How thorough are the reviews? How long does it actually take to get a review back? Is the feedback helpful?

After a typical discussion with a colleague who was experiencing a long manuscript review period and wondering if it was normal for that journal, we decided that we could pool the experiences of journal submitters to provide even more useful information about academic journals than what is typically available.
Thus, JournalReviewer was born. As a supplement to the information provided by journals and organizations that rank and index them, JournalReviewer collects and aggregates feedback from users who have submitted manuscripts to journals to provide an information resource for others considering journal submissions.


To read available information about journals from other JournalReviewer users, use the “Browse all Journals” or “Search Journal” links at the top of each page on the site. To contribute to our collection of information and help other users, use the “Submit Review Report” link at the top of each page on the site. If you are submitting information, have email messages and other information about your submission available so that you can be as accurate as possible with submissions to the site.
Publication Policy. JournalReviewer will publish submitted ratings and comments as is, though individual's names or abusive language may be redacted from comments. Submissions that are obviously spurious may also be removed.


The total number of journals in our database is 892. There are currently 297 reports submitted to JournalReviewer.

Discussion: What is JournalReviewer for?

JournalReviewer is for anyone who is considering a manuscript submission and wants to know a little bit more about what they can expect from their experience. Preparing a manuscript that’s time-sensitive and trying to avoid a long review period? Hoping to get extensive feedback from reviewers? Check JournalReviewer to see other users’ reports for that journal’s time under review, number of reviewers, length of reviews, and other details about their review experiences. JournalReviewer collects both objective and subjective information in each user’s report for a journal, providing you with a range of information as you consider what journal is right for your submission.

We need to have information to share it with other users, so JournalReviewer is also for anyone who has submitted to an academic journal and who wants to help improve the experiences of other JournalReviewer users by sharing information about that experience. We also hope JournalReviewer will be a useful resource to celebrate the best qualities of journals and the hard work their editorial staff and volunteers do to provide a quality review process.

We think that manuscript submitters have a right to know as much as possible about their submission options as they work to publish their writing, and we think that journal editors and reviewers should be applauded when they provide consistent high-quality feedback. Hopefully, you can help us make JournalReviewer a resource that serves both of those ideals.

Discussion: What is JournalReviewer not for?

JournalReviewer is not an "attack" site for people looking to vent their anger after a frustrating journal review experience, and JournalReviewer is not a site for people looking to find the easiest path to publication they can find. The goal of JournalReviewer is simply to provide information about review experiences that many manuscript submitters seem to ask each other about when discussing journals.
Much of the information authors want most, and request most of others, is not about ease of acceptance but the logistics of the review process and the substance of the feedback, so that’s what we try to collect and provide.

Declaration of Competing Interests

JournalReviewer is independently operated by two academics who are interested in providing an independent information resource to supplement other information available about journals, with a particular focus on the details of the review process.
JournalReviewer is not financially supported by any academic publisher or organization or otherwise affiliated with such an organization.

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