Applied Environmental Education & Communication.

(Taylor & Francis)

First round of reviews.

Turnaround rate n/a
Review length n/a
Review quality n/a
Overall quality n/a
Would submit again n/a
Journal recommendation n/a

Desk rejects.

Turnaround rate 392 days (SD = 0)
Plausibility 1 / 5 (SD = 0)
(based on 1 report)

Reviewers & Editors (Initial Submissions)
Length n/a
Overall tone n/a
Knowledge n/a
Helpfulness n/a
Fairness n/a
Overall quality n/a
Length n/a
Decision n/a
Plausibility n/a
Helpfulness n/a
Fairness n/a
Overall quality n/a
  ·  Plausibility: 1 / 5  (desk reject)
Just do not submit to this journal. Had a manuscript "under review" here for over a year and after 14 months or so, we basically had no reviews and our manuscript was rejected. So, basically we got a desk reject after over a year. We wrote our essay specifically to fit this journal and were told there was not a good fit after a horrendous "review" process.

Direct from an email from the editor after 12 months in the review process "We’ve had some difficulties with reviewers with your particular article. Would you like us to continue the process and resubmit to new reviewers?"

Do not submit to this journal. The editor and staff was unresponsive to our emails and not helpful on the rare occasion they did write back. I repeat: Under no circumstances should you submit to this journal!

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