Information Society.


First round of reviews.

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Desk rejects.

Turnaround rate 37 days (SD = 0)
Plausibility 2 / 5 (SD = 0)
(based on 1 report)

Reviewers & Editors (Initial Submissions)
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Overall quality n/a
  ·  Plausibility: 2 / 5  (desk reject)
I submitted two manuscripts to this journal and received a desk reject both times . The reason in both cases was lack of fit. The first time, the desk reject came really quickly within a few days but the second time it took six weeks. Overall, I'm not very impressed with this journal and don't understand the editorial policy when it comes to desk rejects. Both papers had been within the scope of the journal (Internet topics broadly speaking) and pieces in similar research areas had been published in Information Society in the months prior to submission. The first article was quickly accepted in a top-tier journal after the rejection at Information Society. I feel that the journal has a (too) strict desk reject policy, with leaving power in the hands of the editor, making it difficult for papers to even get into the review process. I also saw that the paper that eventually make it take a long time from submission to publication since the journal doesn't offer "online first" and has lengthy review and publication cycles.

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